Christmas card peace dove on EBSQ's blog

I'm very honored that my 2009 peace dove Christmas card is featured on EBSQ's blog main page today December 26, 2009.

MeRrY ChRiStMaS all!


PS REMINDER: If you'd like to see a lot of other cool art and writing, scroll up on this page to my "friends" link.
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*MerrY ChRiStMaS* greeting card

MeRrY ChRiStMaS, bloggers!

Here's my annual hand-made Christmas card. Watercolor and ink background, pen on vellum dove, hand-cut dove, all on Ultra Premium photo paper. It is so expensive to make these that I think I'll have them printed next year.

I have two extra cards that I'm saving out in case anyone reading this would like to trade hand-made christmas cards with me. Just leave a comment and we can contact each other and make the trade.


And here are two shots showing how they were made:

© 2009
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A change in the wind....

I will probably be moving to another website/blog soon. Or keeping this one but being more active posting elsewhere. So if you follow my art blog here at LJ, drop me an e-mail and I'll put you on the list to notify you when I move my blog.

C U,

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Penelope the Adventures of a Penny childrens book

I'm happy to say that the children's book we've all been been working on for author Kathryn Seifert has arrived. "Penelope The Adventures of a Penny" now has it's own Amazon page and we'd appreciate your checking it out. Just put Penelope the Adventures of a Penny in your Amazon search (under "title") and it will come up (let me know if it doesn't). And here is the link under


Here's the write-up from the back jacket which will tell you all about Penelope the penny:

"Penelope takes readers on her many adventures. She begins at the Denver Mint and ends in a boy's soft pocket. Along her journey, she meets other coins who share some of their experiences also. They realize that each of them has their own unique value. Readers of all ages will enjoy experiencing all that Penelope does, and will wonder where she could be right now!"

This is the second book I've illustrated and I long to do more. 

Got a good idea for a children's book? Of course you do! Contact me
I'm your illustrator :)


We all value your feedback very much, so let us know what you think of Penelope. I'll pass comments on to the author Kathryn and co-illustrator Sally


Talk 2 U,


Note that all work on this site, including this book, is © Copyright protected


It was pretty exciting to get this box of my copies:



With Donna R's kind permission, here is an icon that I painted in her icon painting class, summer 2009. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Another view...




I just wanted to remind any art lovers out there to be sure to check out my "friends" link (above) where you'll see a lot of fellow artists post their work and their musings.

Finished bracelet

I finally got the large pink cuff bracelet done. Whew! I started it in April (see post below). I'm calculating that it took about 30 +- hours to complete. I'm not that slow about every project, but well, summer happened in the meantime and there were places to go and people to see, so I've finally gotten it done now. This looks equally good with jeans or with dressier clothes. I finally found a way to put to use some of grannie's buttons :)

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Childrens Book Illustration

Wow! It's been a long time since I've posted any art on my art blog. I've been busy, good busy, art busy. Here are a couple of pages of my illustrations from a children's book that I've been working on for an author*. The author has done an excellent job writing this book and I think kid's will love it. We've been working out all the many finishing-up details for the printer, then the book will be for sale. I'll post the link for it here when we get it.

This is the second children's book I've had the priviledge and joy of illustrating. Illustrating kid's books is so much fun and so satisfying that  I constantly crave doing more. I really enjoy tweaking and changing my paintings to fit the author's vision of what they want the pages to look like. It's like solving a visual puzzle, very satisfying.  

So, have you got any ideas for a good children's book? Of course you do! I'm your illustrator :) Just drop me an e-mail.

This is the illustration for page 6. And below is for page 11, those are things found in a kid's pocket, wad of gum, straw wrapper, etc.

I'm hoping we'll be able to go up to see the ArtPrize contest and see who's art won the $250,000 prize. There were many other cash prizes too. It's the biggest art prize in history and it's very cool that it happened in Michigan. I'll post photos when we get back.
C U :)

*All art and photos on this blog are copyrighted.

Cluck.... cluck.... HAPPY EASTER

Cluck.... CLUCK... bwawk... bwawk... BWOK...


Clucky is an original Michigan artist made needle felted pin cushion made by artist Jeanne Harlan. Check out little Miss Clucky's matching umbrella, so chic! (get it, pun, pun)

Jeanne's beautiful work is in her Etsy shop here: 

When you go to her shop, you'll see a link to her website, and from there to her Ebay store where she sells her Prittens, a unique needle felted hand-made kitty. Her Prittens are highly collected on Ebay and always generate a smokin' bidding war. She also selling beginner felting kits on Etsy if you'd like to give it a try.  

MADE IN MICHIGAN by a MICHIGAN resident artist


Ahoy there, maties! Pirate's treasure!

Here's my latest project - a gaudy beaded cuff bracelet using some of grannie's vintage buttons. It's gaudy with a capital G, right up my gaudy beady baubley shiney glittery trinkety alley.  I love stuff that looks like pirate's booty, straight from a treasure chest. I'll post progress shots in the future.

The short form:
First we made a free-form armature out of wire and then beat it with a hammer to harden it. When this is all finished, we will bend it into a cuff.

A closer look at the armature.

Then we began stringing beads on a thinner wire in a free-form way. Also adding grannie's buttons and some new buttons too. The deco unique gold button with the slits near the top is one I played with when I was a kid. I'm adding more of those as they are a favorite. It's nice to finally have a use for grannie's buttons and get them out of their storage box in the closet and onto my wrist where I can enjoy them.

Here are the many different types and sizes of beads that I used. Don't let the bags of beads at the top throw you. Those are way overkill to be used for future projects. This actually takes less beads than you think because the vintage buttons and charms take up a lot of space. But it is a loaded bracelet so there are many layers to this. If you are used to simple bead jewelry with just a few main beads, this ain't it. It's obsessive, but I like obsessive :) Most artists and creative types are pack-rats and I'm no exception. Anything shiney or interesting attracts us so we all have massive amounts of "trinkets" stored away.

There's the short version. I'll post more as things progress.

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"Michigan Fall Colors Bracelet"

Hi bloggers!

I haven't been around for awhile because I have something up my artistic little sleeve :)  I'll be posting about it here in the near future.

Here's a link to a bracelet I've entered in the EBSQ "Encircled" art exhibit.

Don't forget that patron accounts are free at and if you sign up for a patron account, you can vote on the entry of your choice. Preferably mine!

Daily plug: If you're reading this blog, I probably don't have to remind you that selling art is the only way that artists get to keep on being artists. It would be a dreary dull world without CoLoR and art. Go to an art fair, gallery, farmers market or street fair and support your local artists. Check out the gorgeous jewelry in the show above - guaranteed that you will want something. Or at least be inspired to make your own.

Keep on painting!

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